Baby's Breath 'Alpine' 9cm

Baby's Breath 'Alpine' 9cm

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Gypsophila Cerastiodes

Alpine Baby's Breath

A very low cousin to the familiar Baby’s Breath of florist shops, this species is well suited to growing in the rock garden, rock wall or alpine trough. It forms a compact tuft or mound of small, rounded fresh green leaves, with taller branching stems that are studded with starry flowers from late spring into the summer. Petals are white with tiny pink veins. Requires a well-drained site. Clumps may be divided in spring or early autumn. Drought tolerant. Flowers are attractive to butterflies. May remain evergreen in mild winter regions.

Sun Exposure
  Full Sun

Soil Type
  Normal or
Soil Moisture

Care Level

Flower Colour

Blooming Time
  Early Summer
  Mid Summer
  Late Spring

Foliage Color
  Deep Green
Flower Head Size
  Very Small

   10-20 cm
   4-8 inches

   20-30 cm
   8-12 inches