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This selection of Jacob’s Ladder is a terrific choice for edging in the border, or using in rock gardens or containers. It forms a low, bushy mound of ferny green leaves, bearing loads of violet-blue, starry flowers, each with a white eye. Blooms appear over a long season. Clip back by half in midsummer to rejuvenate, if necessary. Clumps may be easily divided in early fall or spring. Prefers an evenly moist soil and partial shade, particularly in warm summer regions. Extensive misnaming and renaming of Polemonium boreale has created much confusion. ‘Heavenly Blue’ was given its name by Jelitto Seeds in 1999 after being selected out of a test field of Polemonium boreale. It was selected and named due to its more compact and homogeneous growth habit. A partial list of other variety names incorrectly attributed to P. boreale include: ‘Bambino Blue', ‘Blue Whirl', ‘Azuro', ‘Blue Swirls', and ‘Blue Pearl'. Plants sold under any of these names are nothing more than the species Polemonium boreale, which can be short lived and seedy. If that is not confusing enough, Polemonium boreale, the species, has often been sold incorrectly labeled as other species, including P. pulcherrimum, P. confertum, P. caeruleum, P. reptans. In short, be careful to obtain your Polemonium from reputable sources!

Sun Exposure
  Full Sun or
  Partial Shade

Soil Type
  Normal or
  Sandy or

Soil pH
  Neutral or
  Alkaline or

Soil Moisture
  Average or

Care Level

Flower Colour
  Deep Blue

Blooming Time
  Early Summer
  Mid Summer
  Late Summer

Foliage Color
  Deep Green

Plant Uses & Characteristics
  Accent: Good Texture/Form
  Alpine & Rock
  Attracts Butterflies
  Attracts Hummingbirds
  Cut Flower
  Deer Resistant

Flower Head Size

   25-30 cm
   10-12 inches

   30-45 cm
   12-18 inches

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Growth Rate