Understanding Pollination for Fruit & Berry Species

Several fruit and berry plants rely on pollination for fruit production. Here are some of the main species and their pollination requirements:

  1. Apples: Most apple varieties require cross-pollination to produce fruit. Planting at least two different apple varieties that bloom around the same time is necessary for effective pollination. Common pollinator varieties include 'Golden Delicious', 'Granny Smith', and 'Red Delicious'.

  2. Pears: Many pear varieties also require cross-pollination. Planting two different pear varieties that bloom simultaneously is essential for fruit set. Compatible pairs include 'Bartlett' and 'Bosc', or 'Anjou' and 'Comice'.

  3. Cherries: Sweet cherry trees are typically self-unfruitful and require cross-pollination. Sour cherries are often self-fertile but benefit from cross-pollination for increased yields. Compatible varieties for cross-pollination include 'Stella', 'Bing', and 'Montmorency'.

  4. Blueberries: Most blueberry varieties are self-fertile, but planting multiple varieties can enhance fruit set and increase yields. Cross-pollination among different blueberry cultivars can lead to larger berries and better productivity.

  5. Raspberries: Raspberry plants are typically self-fertile and do not require cross-pollination. However, planting multiple varieties can extend the harvest season and increase overall yields.

  6. Blackberries: Similar to raspberries, most blackberry varieties are self-fertile but can benefit from planting different cultivars for extended harvests and increased yields.

  7. Strawberries: Strawberries are mainly self-pollinating, but having multiple plants in close proximity can improve pollination and fruit size. Some varieties produce more fruit with cross-pollination.

  8. Currants and Gooseberries: These plants generally have both male and female flowers on the same plant and do not require cross-pollination. However, having multiple plants nearby can enhance fruit set.

When planning a fruit or berry garden, it's important to consider the pollination requirements of the plants and ensure proper pairing or planting of compatible varieties to maximize fruit production. Additionally, providing habitat for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and other insects can further enhance pollination success.

Established in 2012

Lucan Country Gardens was formally established in January of 2012 after Darren and Janelle purchased a farm with a small Greenhouse near Lucan, Ontario in September 2011. 

With plans to use the existing greenhouse to continue in the family greenhouse business of supplying box stores with spring bedding plants, they soon learned the opportunity that the location provided for a successful Garden Center. 

Many things have changed over the years but one thing remains constant, we strive to supply our customers with Top Quality.

From the annuals, vegetables and herbs, baskets and planters that we grow on site, to the perennials, shrubs and trees we source from the top growers in Ontario. It all has to pass our standards of quality.

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