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Bugleweed, Feathered Friends 'Noble Nightingale'

Bugleweed, Feathered Friends 'Noble Nightingale'

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Ajuga 'Feathered Friends - Noble Nightingale'

Plant Height:  4 inches

Flower Height:  6 inches

Spread:  18 inches

Sunlight:  partial shade  full shade 

Hardiness Zone:  3a

Other Names:  Carpet Bugle

Group/Class:  Feathered Friends Series


A stunning hardy variety, featuring feather-like forest green and dark purple foliage in the spring and summer; cobalt-blue flowers are subtle; excellent when used in containers, as a groundcover, or in border fronts; tolerates any soil with good drainage

Ornamental Features

Feathered Friends™ Noble Nightingale Bugleweed's attractive small glossy narrow leaves remain forest green in color with showy deep purple variegation and tinges of burgundy throughout the year on a plant with a spreading habit of growth. It features subtle spikes of royal blue flowers rising above the foliage from late spring to early summer, which emerge from distinctive silver flower buds.

Photo: Courtesy of Canadale Nursery

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