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Blanket Flower 'Mesa Yellow'

Blanket Flower 'Mesa Yellow'

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Gaillardia grandiflora MESA™ Yellow

Common Name: Blanket Flower


MESA™ Yellow forms a very uniform, compact, well-branched plant with a strong, upright habit.  It tends to flower about 2-3 weeks earlier than comparative varieties, from early thru late summer.  Sunfast, pure sunshine yellow blossoms measuring 2½-3½” across are produced in abundance followed by attractive globe-shaped seed heads.  Butterflies adore the blooms. 

This plant is rated highly for its all-around garden performance.  It tolerates a wide range of climates including those with hot, humid, dry, cool, and moist conditions as long as good drainage is provided.  Plants have proven to be wind and rain resistant which is especially valuable in climates where there are frequent thunderstorms in summer.

These perennials require little care once established. They are heat tolerant and actually prefer to be grown in poorer soils. They get their name from the manner in which they used to blanket North American prairies with their blooms. They can still be found in fields and along roadsides in the prairie region and into the Rockies.

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