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Hydrangea Tree Form 'Vanilla Strawberry'

Hydrangea Tree Form 'Vanilla Strawberry'

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Hydrangea paniculata 'Vanilla Strawberry' Standard 

The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea Tree is an award winning Hydrangea variety trained into a unique tree-like shape (tree form). Plant an ornamental tree by your home's entrance or place a few in patio pots for an enchanting presentation near your pool or backyard grill. Make sure the vanilla strawberry hydrangea tree is front-and-center, as you won't want to miss a moment of their spectacular, long-blooming display.

A Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea is the type of plant that causes passers-by to catch their breath, and when in tree form. . .well, it's simply astounding! If you've never seen a Vanilla Strawberry bush, imagine a vibrant plant that bursts into a July bloom of 7-inch panicles of delicate blossoms.

The huge clusters of ornamental tree flowers begin as a creamy white, transitioning to pink and then a ravishing, strawberry-red. In its tree form, Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea tree presents the appearance of an enchanting tree of flowers. It has a slight cascading nature as some of the flowers become so incredibly large and numerous that the weight of the blooms pulls at the red-tinted stems.

As the season progresses, your late summer flowers will take on a multicolored effect as the new flowers bloom alongside the old. You simply can't understand the full stunning nature of this remarkable Hydrangea tree until you've seen it for yourself!

Artistically pruned for 3 years, your Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea is grafted onto a handsome standard trunk. This is truly a work of art. It's fast growing and generally easy to care for.

Having a tree form of one of the most impressive Hydrangea varieties is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Try a Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea in its tree form this year, and you're sure to be astounded by its wondrous display!

Mature Height 6 - 7 feet

Mature Spread 4 - 5 feet

Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Shade

Soil Type Widely Adaptable

Moisture Widely Adaptable

Growth Rate Fast

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