Japanese Maple 'Bloodgood'

Japanese Maple 'Bloodgood'

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Acer Palmatum 'Bloodgood'

The benchmark in upright, large-leaved, purplish-red Japanese maples
Retains its deep colour well throughout the summer
Leaves somewhat larger than those of other purple forms
Inconspicuous red flowers emerge before the leaves
Excellent red fall colour

HEIGHT: 6-7 m
SPREAD: 5-6 m

Sun Exposure: Full sun; partial sun/shade

Flowering Time: Early Spring

Low Maintenance

Bloodgood Japanese Maple Growing and Maintenance Tips
Best planted in a well-drained soil with high organic matter. Japanese maples are grown as specimen trees or multi-stemmed plants. Any pruning should be done in summer. Mulch well, but avoid heaping mulch against the stem. Most cultivars need full sun or light afternoon shade.