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Venus Flytrap 2.25"

Venus Flytrap 2.25"

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Light Levels This plant prefers a high light location. A bright window facing South, West, East are best.
Day Length You want to duplicate summer day length to keep them at their best. If your day length is too short, they will go dormant.
Artificial Lighting This will allow plants to grow during the winter months. Artificial lighting do not exceed 500 w/m2 at leaf level.
Irrigation Keep moist. Venus fly trap are a bog plant. If allowed to dry they will go dormant.
Water Quality They like chemical free water. Tap water must sit for 24 to 48 hours before it can be used for irrigation. Charcoal filtered water (Brita or similar), Reverse Osmosis, rain water and distilled water are all good.
Fertilizer A monthly drop of fertilizer during Spring and Summer is recommended if this plant doesn't have access to insects. When it comes to fertilizer, more is not better. High salts will kill your Venus fly trap.
Temperature Normal room temperature of 20c to 21c is best. If allowed to cool, they will go dormant.
Soil Straight peat moss without added fertilizer is good. Long fibered white sphagnum moss will also do a great job. Venus fly traps like a low ph of about
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