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Lucan Country Gardens

Willow, Dappled PW

Willow, Dappled PW

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Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki'

Other names: Variegated Japanese Willow

Height:  8 feet

Spread:  8 feet

Sunlight:  full sun 

Hardiness Zone:  3b

Other Names:  S.i. 'Albomaculata', Dappled Willow, Tri-Colour Willow


One of the showiest of shrubs for foliage color, new growth emerges soft pink and white, literally bathing the plant with color in spring, fades to white variegation in summer; should be pruned every winter for maximum effect; tough and adaptable

Ornamental Features

Tricolor Willow has attractive white-variegated deciduous green foliage with hints of pink which emerges pink in spring. The narrow leaves are highly ornamental but do not develop any appreciable fall color. Neither the flowers nor the fruit are ornamentally significant. The smooth bark and brick red branches add an interesting dimension to the landscape.

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